Transformers Legacy Titan Class Nemesis

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Transformers Legacy Titan Class Nemesis

The wings and “hand axes” are stored in this cardboard pocket like so.

The Nemesis

The largest starship in Decepticon fleet, the Nemesis was used to chase down the Autobot’s Ark as it left Cybertron and ensuing conflict resulted in both vessels crash landing on pre-historic Earth.

To allow it to be displayed on a surface, the ventral fin of the ship can be split open to form a platform.

Do note that the front nosecone is not made of hard plastic, but instead it’s rubbery PVC. I hope it doesn’t degrade too quickly over time. Due to the materials used, the front nosecone is also very difficult to close up flush and usually stays split at the end.

Blast effects parts can be pegged into certain hard points in ship mode, not just on the boosters. It’s a shame the set doesn’t come with any effects parts of its own and you’ll have to borrow some parts from other ships like the Ark or Omega Supreme.

Cannons – the ship comes with 6 cannons that can be removed from the parts tree and attached to the Nemesis.

The Nemesis comes with four “scaled” non-transforming seekers. Going by the box art, these are meant to be Ramjet, Thrust, Thundercracker and Cybertronian Skywarp.

The seekers can be loaded into an openable ports with landing pads located on both sides of the Nemesis.

To make life less stressful for us, the Hasbro designers added a hinge to the platform so it’s easier to plug the ships into the pegs.

There’s an openable rear access ramp below the boosters. Sadly, the opening is really small and you can only fit Micromasters in there at best. Unlike how it was with the Ark, where you could fit in the bigger Core Class figures.

Ship’s bridge.

Optionally, you can opt to prop up the ship to form its proper configuration by adding any object that stands roughly 5 inches tall to the bottom of the ship to raise the front section up.

Personally, I really like this configuration way better.

Robot mode

While previously never shown to be able to transform, the Nemesis is reimaged as a large female Decepticon in the Legacy Evolution line. Not much is revealed about her background or character as the packaging doesn’t come with character bio.

Since she transforms into a giant starship, Nemesis is considered to be the largest female Decepticon released.

Her face design is meant to look like to the Decepticon insignia, similar as to how the Autobot insignia is represented on the face of the Autobot Ark’s robot mode.

In ship mode, the Nemesis spans roughly 20.5 inches in length and is about 12 inches on its tallest height (raises up to 17 inches when the ventral fin is closed up). The toy weighs 2073 Grams and stands roughly 23.5 inches tall in robot mode.

Parts around her head can be compressed to form a battle mask.

While there is some ankle tilt, it is very, very minimal.

Openable hands.

Her stabilizer fins can also detach to form hand axes for her to use as melee weapons.

Yeah… it’s really not as impressive as it sounds. It kind of feels forced. Lol..

As a carry-over from her ship mode, her forearms contain the ports that house the launch pads for the mini-seekers.

I really wish her cannons weren’t static and could elevate to point forwards.

To add some play features to the toy, her shin sections can be removed and repurposed to form giant blasters.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the designers didn’t think to put ratchet joints into the elbows! They can’t hold the weight of the guns properly for long. Sigh…

Overall, pretty good. Similar to the Ark, the ship mode is where this thing shines the most and rightly so. The robot mode, while an afterthought, isn’t too shabby either, at least they tried to do something new with the Nemesis. It’s a shame the set doesn’t come with effects parts though, it feels lacking without them.


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