Transformers Legacy United Deluxe Class Gears

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Transformers Legacy United Deluxe Class Gears

Note that Gears’ accessories are packed in the back of the tray.

Also note that Gear’s chest panel is packaged separately along with his accessories to prevent theft.

While Gears often likes to complain and find fault in just about everything, Gears actually means well. Unlike fellow Autobot and complainer, Huffer, Gears likes to point out how lousy things are in order to help his friend look on the brighter side of things.

Gears’ primary function is transport, this means despite his size, Gears is actually pretty strong and can carry heavy objects over large distances.

In hand, Gears does seem a bit on the short side, he actually stands roughly only 4.5 inches tall. Definitely one of the shorter Deluxes around.

According to his bio, Gears can launch himself into the sky using compressed air ejected from his feet, allowing him to reach heights of 100,000 feet, this helps the little Autobot help take down any Decepticon flyers. The compressed air can also help slow down his descent when he falls from certain heights.

He also comes with an opening chest panel, just like how it was in the episode “Changing Gears”. Too bad it doesn’t come with an ejecting “circuit board” to complete the look. Ahh well..

Gears comes with a generic blaster for a weapon.

The blaster can be pegged onto the side of his “backpack” for storage.

In the G1 cartoons, Gears has the ability to scan for enemies using his built-in infra-red scanners. Too bad this figure doesn’t come with a headlamp accessory to highlight that ability.

Gears’ weapon can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Overall, pretty decent. A very nice representation of Gears. It feels like it’s been ages since the CHUGS-scaled line started and it’s about time we got a proper Gears figure that wasn’t a Legends Class figure. I’m also really happy they decided to include the chest panel gimmick here as well, that was a nice throwback.

Now let’s see how Hasbro goes about releasing a Swerve using this mold. Hopefully, it won’t be a part of a boxset or something.


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