Transformers Legacy United Leader Class Sandstorm

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Transformers Legacy United Leader Class Sandstorm

Careful not to lose this paper pouch containing Sandstorm’s accessories.

Ever the thrill-seeking Autobot, Sandstorm loves taking risks. Being extremely maneuverable in both of his alt modes, he always gets in close and personal against the Decepticons just for the thrill of it! The only thing this Autobot fears is boredom.

Sandstorm’s little rear propeller is packed separately and is meant to be attached like so.

Rescue “stretcher” cage. This works well with Titan Masters (if you have any).

The rescue line spans roughly 7 inches in length.

This accessory is not really the bang for the buck we all were hoping for, especially compared to what came with Astrotrain and Blitzwing, but it is what it is.

For weaponry, Sandstorm comes with his Sandblaster Gun.

He also comes with a small pistol that can be mounted on his left forearm.

The “pistol” is based of his soldering iron tool that he uses to cut jail cell bars while imprisoned in the episode “Fight or Flee”.

Sand rail dune buggy/ Baja buggy mode

The “rescue stretcher” can be taken apart and mounted onto several sections on the buggy mode.

Rescue helicopter mode

The original G1 toy’s helicopter mode was based off of the Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion rescue chopper.

Sandstorm’s guns can be mounted on the sides of the chopper.

The rescue cage can be connected to the underside of the chopper for deployment.

Overall, pretty good. We finally get an almost G1 accurate Sandstorm across all three modes! The only other previous incarnation of this character in the modern toyline was the retooled Springer figure for the Generations line, and that was way off compared to animation models. So that means this release marks folks are one step closer to completing the original G1 roster in cartoon-accurate form.

On a personal note, I really do wish the designers stuck to the cartoon models for Sandstorm’s face though, instead of going with the vintage toy look, though. Sigh… so close, yet so far.


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