Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Blaster

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Blaster

Hmm.. not sure what this is about..

Blaster is the Autobot’s Communications Officer. A huge fan of Earth music, particularly Rock ‘n’ Roll Blaster just loves playing it all day long (much to the consternation of most of his fellow Autobots). One of the coolest Autobots that had his own sense of style, he and Jazz would always get along thanks to their love of music. Showing exemplary leadership skills in the original Marvel Comics run, he led the Autobot resistance that remained on Cybertron after Optimus Prime left. He and Soundwave are also the fiercest of enemies, each always bringing their own team of Mini-cassettes to duke it out in battle.

“I’m gonna drop some sick beats on you, Soundwave!”

Blaster’s only weapon is his “Electro-Scrambler Gun”.

The Electro-Scrambler can be stowed on his back by pegging the small peg onto a notch on his backside.

Personally, I just opt to just plug it into his back in one of the screw holes.

Eject can easily fit inside Blaster’s chest.

Do note that to open up Blaster’s chest, you have to push the button upwards instead of downwards.

Blaster’s Electro-Scrambler Gun can still be fitted onto the same slot as before for storage.


A certified sports fanatic, Eject loves to listen to any and all radio chatter regarding sports, professional or otherwise. This habit would, unfortunately, usually get in the way of his surveillance assignments. As a sports fan, Eject loves cluttering sports cliches into his speech patterns.

For some reason, Hasbro decided to make this guy in clear plastic, calling it an “Energon Infused” mode. Be careful when handling him since clear plastic becomes brittle very easily over time.

Unfortunately, Eject this time doesn’t come with his “Electrical Overload Guns”.

With his archnemesis, Soundwave (Netflix pack version).

Eject and Rumble

Overall, it’s pretty good. It’s been a while since we got a Blaster figure that scaled well with Soundwave without being an actual redeco of Soundwave (or vice versa). The only real problem is Eject. I wish they made him with solid plastic, instead of the clear one. I also hope Hasbro releases the rest of Blasters Crew to complete the team.


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