Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Cloudcover

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Cloudcover

Make sure to get the null-rays from the tray.

A member of Toxitron’s highly radioactive and corrosive troops, Cloudcover worked alongside Dead End, as well as (presumably corrupted) Jazz, Sideswipe, Grimlock and Laser Cycle to spread mayhem across Cybertron.

The figure is a retool redeco of Earthrise Voyager Class Ramjet with Dirge’s head. This time his deco is based on Navy “cloud camo” colors.

While the body is a reuse of the Earthrise Ramjet buck (for the fourth time), at least Hasbro did something new here and changed the head to have Earthrise Dirge’s “yelling” face this time around.

Cloudcover comes with the standard “Null-Ray” rifles all of the other Seekers get.

Overall, not bad. I do wish they used Thrust or Dirge instead of Ramjet again, but I do get the homage to the unreleased G2 line figure. At least they marketed this guy as a new seeker for folks to get so there is that. I’ll probably skip the rest of the Toxitron group since I can’t stand the deco choice and the plot doesn’t really make much sense I think.

The figure was released as part of the Walmart Exclusive Toxitron series subline in the US.


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