Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Jhiaxus

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Jhiaxus

The leader of a breakaway faction of Transformers that left Cybertron following the great war between the Autobots and Decepticons, Jhiaxus forged a new Cybertronian Empire in the far reaches of space. Powerful and savage, Jhiaxus and his Cybertronians destroy all other alien civilizations they deem inferior, terraforming their conquered worlds to further expand their territory.

Incredibly strong and nearly unbeatable in combat, Jhiaxus nearly killed Optimus Prime as well as Megatron on separate occasions.

I really love the fact that this guy has articulated hands. Why can’t all new Transformers figures have this detail?

Jhiaxus comes with a pistol.

He also comes with a bigger rifle.

Both weapons can be combined into a super weapon.

The weapons can be pegged into his back for storage.

His rifle can be equipped on the Cybertronian jet mode.

Overall, a pretty great Jhiaxus figure, especially compared to Hasbro’s previous outings (mostly redecos of an existing mold). I’m really glad we finally get this villain in proper toy form, as his existence did set up the stage for Autobots and Decepticons to join forces to stop him back in the day.

Funfact: Jhiaxus’ name is actually a play on words. Simon Furman, the writer for the Generation 2 comics saga, wasn’t sure how far the series would go. So he decided to name his new character “Gee-Axe-Us” as a tongue-in-cheek joke. Transformers Generation 2 would go on to last only 12 issues.


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