Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Metalhawk

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Metalhawk

Noble, brave and kind, Metalhawk is the leader of the Autobot Pretenders. Appearing only in the Japanese G1 continuity in the cartoons, Metalhawk and his fellow Autobot Pretenders were able to seal away the Decepticon Pretenders on Earth back during the Stone Age. Since then, he has helped humanity’s evolution at a distance over the centuries.

The figure is a heavy retool of Kingdom Cyclonus.

Yeah… still not a fan of this knee design.

Metalhawk comes with his Rifle Wings.

His Rifle Wings can be combined to form a single weapon.

Metalhawk also comes with his signature Titanium Sword.

His Titanium Saber can be mounted on the alt mode’s dorsal side.

Comparison with Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Titans Return “Siege of Cybertron” Metalhawk.

Overall, I’m happy with this release. It certainly looks closer to the original design then the Titans Returns version, which was a redeco retool of Triggerhappy. I hope Hasbro makes the rest of his Pretender buddies down the road.


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