Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Twincast & Rewind

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Twincast & Rewind

Lol… trying out this QR code for Twincast gets you to an error page on Hasbro’s website. Guess the bio isn’t up yet for this guy. Hasbro releases are all over the place nowadays.

Following Blaster’s “final” battle against Soundwave in Alaska in the Japanese continuity of the Transformers G1 saga, Blaster is killed in action along with Soundwave. He is later resurrected with a new body thanks to the super science of planet Master, renaming himself “Twincast”.

The figure is a retool of the Transformers Kingdom/ Legacy Blaster. Featuring a new “smirking” head sculpt and new deco based on his Japanese “Headmasters” series colors.

Similar with Legacy Blaster, you have to push his buttons “upwards” to get them to eject his chest panel out.

Unlike other Twincast toys, which could hold two cassettes inside his chest cavity, this one holds only one tape at a time.

Twincast comes with his Electro-Scrambler Gun.

His Electro-Scrambler Gun can be mounted on his back when not in use.

“Rewind, eject!”


Functioning as the Autobot team’s archivist and trivia master, Rewind has an almost infinite amount of data storage in his memory banks, thanks to his “internal light-matrix data store system”.

The figure is a redeco of Eject that came with Kingdom Blaster.

It’s a shame that the figure is cast in clear plastic (like Eject) and is lacking his twin adhesion rifles.

Electro-Scrambler Gun can be mounted on the tape deck’s back.

With Eject from Kingdom Blaster.

Comparison with Kingdom/ Legacy Blaster

Overall, a pretty decent release. It will go well against Soundblaster if you’ve got him from the Siege line.

I’m glad Hasbro at least changed things up a bit by putting a new head on the figure and not just straight up repaint and reuse the older mold. But I do wish they cast Rewind in solid plastic instead of the clear material. Sigh…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Hasbro plans to release Steeljaw and Ramhorn at some point down the line… ?


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