Transformers Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Flamewar with Fireglide

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Transformers Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Flamewar with Fireglide

Be sure to check the bottom of the tray for the rest of the accessories.

Seeing herself as one of the last “true” Decepticons, Flamewar is fanatically loyal to the Decepticon cause. Respecting Megatron in the highest regard, she is willing and ready to do anything to ensure their army’s success against the Heroic Autobots.

The figure is a redeco of Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Arcee.

Attaching her backpack can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t handled her mold-mates Arcee and Road Rocket. The manual is a bit of a mess to make out too. But this is what the backpack is supposed to look like when properly fixed up.

Her front tires can be split open and reconfigured like so.

Flamewar comes with “Energon Shuriken” weapons.

The shuriken can be split apart and mounted on her forearms.

Her front wheel can also be removed and equipped as a crossbow-type weapon.

The Energon Shuriken can be mounted on the bike mode.

Alternately, they can also be mounted on the sides of the bike mode.

Battle Master Fireglide

While never seen alongside Flamewar in the IDW comics run, Fireglide is included in this set as a companion to this figure. The figure is a redeco of Siege Battle Master Pteraxadon.

Fireglide can be equipped as a blaster for Flamewar.

Fireglide also comes with an effects part for added effect.

Lastly, Fireglide’s most obvious function is that of a battle axe.

By squeezing Fireglide’s feet into Flamewar’s hips in bike mode, you can get the former to “ride” on the bike mode. Neat!

Overall, not too shabby. I like the colors more than Legacy Velocitron Road Rocket and Legacy Arcee and it is a huge improvement over the previously released exclusive versions of the character. The addition of Battle Master Fireglide is a nice bonus, too.

I actually got her in order to pair her up with Takara Legends Slipstream (too bad I didn’t have time to break her out of storage though, maybe down the road). Now to see if Has-Tak will release a Shadow Striker to add to the team later on.

From what I understand, this figure was originally meant to be released as a 2022 SDCC exclusive, later coming out in some specialty retail stores in Asia early 2023.


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