Transformers Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Slicer & Exo-Suit

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Transformers Shattered Glass Deluxe Class Slicer & Exo-Suit


As the Decepticon’s “Massive Assault Specialist”, Slicer attacks with no regard for his fellow Decepticons on the battlefield. Cruel and short-tempered, this berserker bot can often be seen in the Decepticon front lines, dealing damage in his Exo-Suit to friend and foe alike.

The figure is a redeco of the Earthrise Wheeljack mold, meant to homage the vintage G1 Action Master of the same name. He can also function as an “Shattered Glass (alternate evil dimension)” version Wheeljack.

For armaments, he comes with a shoulder-mounted “Magnetic Inducer Launcher”.

He also comes with clear red guns meant to homage his 2010 BotCon Timelines figure.

The guns feature hinges on them, so they can be mounted behind his legs and still face forward.

The Magnetic Inducer Launcher can be mounted on vehicle mode.


A non-sentient drone created by Slicer to function as a weapons unit that can merge with himself and other Decepticons, greatly upgrading their firepower with improved offensive (or defensive) capabilities.

The figure is a redeco of Earthrise Fasttrack.

He still comes with his “dagger/ Tyrant Spear tip”.

Exo-Suit comes with twin blasters.

Similar to his mold-mates, Exo-Suit functions as a Weaponizer, splitting into various parts and recombining onto other Transformers as an upgrade unit.

Weaponizer Modes

Second Weaponizer mode

Third Weaponizer mode

This mode is pretty heavy and I’m surprised Slicer can hold him like this unsupported. I don’t recommend leaving the figures like this though. I just to the pictures and immediately set the figures down to prevent an accident.

Like Fasttrack and Black Roroichi, you can recreate a part of the Scorponok’s Tyrant Spear, minus the handle, but it’s highly doubtful any regular figures can hold the heavy weapon up.

Overall, a pretty decent release. I’m actually surprised they decided to use Fasttrack as an add-on to this classic figure. It’s not a bad design choice and it does make sense in a way. While I’m not going all in for the Shattered Glass line (did not like the IDW comic run that much to go all in on the toys), I do like some of the concepts they’re doing with the toys themselves.

I wonder if we’ll get more Action Masters packed with Weaponizers down the road in a modernized tone?


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