Transformers Siege Smokescreen

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Smokescreen

This guy rolled out sooner than expected. The last of the original “Datsun” brothers, Smokescreen was released in the Siege line as a Generations Select exclusive, meaning not found at the usual mass retail stores but online. He does not share the same head as Prowl and Bluestreak but has a new head sculpt (which he shares with Decepticon Barricade).

W-45 Acid Pellet Blaster

W-50 Volt-Beam Cannons

Smokescreen usually operates with an ulterior motive, ever charming and sociable to both friend and foe alike. Specializes in diversionary tactics on the battlefield.

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Update Jan 9, 2019

The original Datsun/ Praxien province Autobots

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