Transformers Studio Series 86-22 Deluxe Class Brawn

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Transformers Studio Series 86-22 Deluxe Class Brawn

Be very, very mindful of Brawn’s blaster. It’s just plugged in arbitrarily into the tray. I nearly lost mine.

One of the strongest Autobots around, Brawn is very tough and can easily lift objects several times heavier than himself. Unfortunately, Brawn isn’t as tall as most Autobots, this leads to him overcompensating his shorter stature by being macho all the time, diving headfirst into most situations without looking first. He also has a bad habit of looking down on the physically weaker members of his team.

For weaponry, Brawn comes with his blaster.

More often than not, though, Brawn likes just dive in with his bare fists and start hammering away at his opponents, just to prove how tough he is.

Be mindful not to lose the spare tire up top, it comes off somewhat too easily.

Brawn’s blaster can be mounted on top of his vehicle mode.

Like all Studio Series releases, Brawn comes with a backdrop, featuring the Decepticon Shuttle Ambush from the 1986 movie.

Overall, a pretty good update from the previous Brawn releases. I’m just glad Hasbro didn’t muck him up by placing battle damage on him like they did to Prowl and Ironhide in the 86 movie Buzzworthy Bumblebee subline.

Now to hope they release Gears, Powerglide, Windcharger, Seaspray, Swerve and Tailgate to round out the original G1 Minibot team.


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