Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Blitzwing with Hazard

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Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Blitzwing with Hazard

Blitzwing is a retool of Titans Return Megatron (or is that the other way around?). This time around he’s a lot more G1 accurate in all modes compared to the previous Generations release of this character

In the G1 toyline his weapon was the “Gyro-blaster” rifle. I guess we can call this that?

He also comes with his classic “Electron scimitar” weapon.

Titan Master Hazard

According to the bio, Hazard’s ability is to grant his partner the power to override an opponents processors and cause them to self-destruct. Interesting power.

Head on!

Tank mode

Hazard can ride on the turret.

Jet mode

Hazard can ride inside the jet mode c0ckpit.

…..or he can also ride in the “suicide seat”. lol…

Comparison with Titans Return Voyager Class Megatron.

Here’s the link to the Titans Return Voyager Class Megatron gallery.

Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Megatron with Doomshot

With the other Voyager Class Triple Changers.

At last! A proper setup for the Decepticon Triple Changers! I’ve always been a fan of these guys back in the G1 days. The Generations lineup gave us a mixed bag team in terms of scale (2 deluxes and 1 voyager?). But thanks to the current release we finally get a great modern day representation of these bad boys.

Post script: One last thing I forgot to mention, you can fold in Blitzwing’s feet and flip out the tail fins to match the G1 cartoon animation models. Supposedly he can still stand. I haven’t tried this myself yet but it does sound intriguing to try.


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