Transformers “War Dawn” 2-pack (Dion and Erial)

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Transformers “War Dawn” 2-pack (Dion and Erial)


Orion Pax’s fellow dock worker and best friend. He was present when Megatron and the Decepticons started their attack on their Energon warehouse and became one of the casualties. Sadly, unlike Orion who was rebuilt by Alpha Trion into Optimus Prime, Dion was never revived. He perished that day.

Like Orion Pax, this figure is a retool redeco of Studio Series Kup, based on Dion’s appearance in the G1 episode “War Dawn”.

Since he’s based off of the Studio Series Kup design, his arms and legs can be taken apart to simulate battle damage. Poor Dion

Dion comes with his own Musket Laser for some reason (he wasn’t armed in the cartoons). I guess all Transformers got to come with weapons?

He also comes with an Energon treat dispenser.

Supposedly, his backpack features “cannons”. Uh, OK?

The cannons can be removed and reassembled as a weapon for Dion to use.

His weapon and dispenser can be mounted on the sides of the vehicle mode.

The same goes for his “cannon” backpack.

Cybertronian Erial

Orion Pax’s girlfriend. Like Pax and Dion, Erial (originally spelled “Ariel”) was present at the docks when the Decepticons launched a full-scale assault to raid the Energon stores. She, too, was among those shot. She is later saved and rebuilt into Elita-1 by Alpha Trion.

The figure is retool redeco of Legacy Deluxe Class Arcee.

She comes with an all-new blaster weapon meant to resemble Elita-1’s gun. Interesting.

Similar to Arcee and her mold mates, you can remove the front wheel of the bike and repurpose it as a crossbow weapon.

Originally, “Ariel” was meant to die in the War Dawn episode alongside Dion. But was later changed after writer David Wise learned of Elita-1’s existence as Optimus Prime’s love interest in the show. The writers later on made allusions that Eriel is to Elita-1 as Orion Pax is to Optimus Prime.

Her ponytail can be removed so that it won’t get in the way of her transformation.

Erial’s gun can be mounted on the side of her alt mode.

With Orion Pax

Overall, I’m happy with the set. We finally complete the characters from the episode “War Dawn” with this set and it looks really nice to have Orion and his pals together before the Cybertronian War began.


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