Yamato Macross 1/48 VF1S-Strike Valkyrie

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Yamato 1/48 VF1S-Strike Valkyrie

VF1S Hikaru Ichijoe (Rick Hunter) with FAST Pack Strike parts.



Opening c0ckpit hatch and removable pilot figure

Nose cone mounted Radar array

Armament (acording to Wikipedia):

-External 55 mm GU-11 gunpod with 200 rounds firing 1200 rounds per minute, mounted under central fuselage.

-RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon (one in VF-1A, two in VF-1J and VF-1D, four in VF-1S) firing 6000 pulses per minute, mounted on head turret under the nose.

Four pivoting hardpoints under the wings can mount :

–Up to 12 AMM-1 multipurpose missiles (three on each hardpoint),

–12 Mk-82 conventional bombs (three on each hardpoint)

–four UMM-7 micro missile pods carrying 15 HMM-01 micromissiles; or a combination of any of these.

–6 RMS-1 anti-ship reaction missiles (two on each outbound pylons and one on each inbound pylon. These are the missiles that come with the Strike Fast pack set)

Strike Valkyrie

Additional Armament for Strike mode

-additional “packs” on the arms carrying 3 micro-missiles

-conformal propellant tanks around the leg engines, and a pair of heavy rocket boosters on its back mounting 2 micro-missile launchers which added 20 micro-missiles in each to give the fighter more speed and firepower

-right micro missile launcher replaceable with Ion Beam cannon.

Gerwalk mode

“This mode is the intermediate one which was originally intended to simply allow the craft to land in a combat zone with a maximum of defensive ability. However, pilots soon realized that the mode’s considerable maneuverability combined with its speed made it formidable in low level aerial combat–.”

Yamato 1/48 VF1S Strike Valkyrie part 2

Strike Battroid

The gunpod can be mounted on the mech’s shoulder via a huge strap.

This figure is based on the 1984 “Super Dimension Fortess Macross : Do You Remember Love?” Movie. Piloted by Hikaru in the movies’ final battle scene.

Funfact, the “Do You Remember Love?” movie is meant to be a “movie” itself in the Macross universe, explaining why some of the settings don’t fit in with the original TV series’ storyline.

Some Comparisons
With the 1/60 Strike Valkyrie

With the 1/55 Bandai Super Valkyrie

All 3 together

Well, this figure certainly has the look and transformation nailed down. The detail is excellent and there are diecast parts and ratchet joints.

When it Battroid mode the mech stands at 10.5 Inches tall, weighs 580 Grams.

The only problem lies with some of the parts being a bit fragile and with the Strike pack attached, the “backpack” tends to fall back from the weight (I used a piece of paper to wedge it in so it would stay upright). I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a lock on it but it is a huge pain.

Still, it’s definitely cool to have this one on display.

Funfact: “FAST” pack stands for “Fuel And Sensor Tactical” Pack.


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