Transformers 1986 Movie Masterpiece Group Shots

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Transformers 1986 Movie Masterpiece Group Shots

Since I more or less already have the core team from the Transformers 1986 movie in hand, I decided to grab some group shots while I was at it. I didn’t include Keith’s Fantasy Club’s Transistor/ Blaster at the moment since it was already getting late and I didn’t feel like digging through more boxes for him.

-Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus
-Fans Toys FT-17 Hoodlum (Hot Rod)
-Fans Toys FT-19 Apache (Springer
-Fans Toys FT-22 Koot (Kup)
-Fans Toys FT-24 Rouge (Arcee)
-Fans Toys FT-39 Jabber (Blurr)
-Keith’s Fantasy Club Crash Hog (Wreck-Gar)
-X-Transbots Ollie (Wheelie)


The core team from the 1986 movie.


Individual galleries

I’ll try to do an updated group shot later on when Fans Toys actually releases their Tesla (Perceptor) 2.0, along with KFC’s Blaster, too.


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