Transformers Masterpiece Diaclone Team Group Shots

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Transformers Masterpiece Diaclone Team Group Shots

So, I finally have all the crazy offshoot “didn’t appear in the cartoons, but are a separate individuals made from repaints” Masterpieces thus far. What to do? Why, make them a team of course! Heh, this is something I’ve been toying with ever since they released Delta Magnus for the line.

In my mind’s eye, this group is an Mixed-bag team of elite Autobots and misfit ex-Decepticons under the command Delta Magnus, working behind the scenes in the era of the Decepticon occupation of Cybertron, during the time when Prime’s army was stuck deactivated on Earth aboard the Ark for four million years. The guys who were left behind to stop Shockwave and the remaining Decepticons. Well… that’s my take on them anyways.

I’ll be honest and I skipped red Bumblebee, as he is still officially declared as Bumblebee. Unlike these fellas, who are their own characters according to their bios.

Ye ole “graduation photo” group shot.

Transform and roll out!!

Individual galleries!

MP-12T Tigertrack

MP-14C Clampdown

MP-18B Bluestreak

MP-23 Exhaust

MP-25L Loud Pedal

MP-26 Road Rage

MP-31 Delta Magnus

MP-37 Artfire


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