Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Barricade

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Transformers Siege Deluxe Class Barricade

Originally a G1 Mircomaster character, Barricade gained popularity after getting the limelight in the live-action Transformers movies. In the IDW Siege comics, he is often partnered with Autobot Prowl

A redeco of Siege Smokescreen, Barricade is a police officer same as Prowl.

HF Siren-Blast Punisher Cannons

I really wish they painted his eyes. As is, you just can’t make them out.

Cannons can be mounted on his shoulders a la Bluestreak.

Similar with Smokescreen and Bluestreak, the weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode as well.

With his fellow Praxien province Transformers

The original Datsun/ Praxien province Autobots

With Prowl

With Smokescreen

Siege Prowl Gallery

Siege Bluestreak Gallery

Siege Smokescreen Gallery


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