Kaiyodo Revoltech VF1S and VF1A Team up

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VF1S and VF1A Team up

Funfact: Macross Valkyries’ additional armor parts can be “purged” once they have either run out of ammo or if the pilot wishes for increased maneuverability in areas with gravity (the armor parts were designed for use in Zero Gravity battles. In areas with gravity, whether natural or artificial they subtract from the Valkyrie’s overall mobility)

Revoltech Macross VF1S Strike Hikaru type.

Done with a simple headswap using the Focker 1S and Hikaru 1A(Revoltech has yet to announce they’re making the Strike Hikaru type), although the head isn’t 100% accurate (the arrows on Strike Hikaru’s temples are supposed to be red instead of yellow). It’s close enough.


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