Mini Action Series 03 Daimos

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Mini Action Series 03 Daimos

Wrapping up the classic Tadao Nagahama Romantic Trilogy, Action Toys releases Daimos as its third entry into their Mini Action (and Mini Deformed) action figure line. Daimos is piloted by Ryuuzaki Kazuya

Daimos is really fun to pose!!!


Daimo Kick!

While the figure can do a kick pose, sadly, the joints aren’t tight enough to hold it for more than a second. It’s too bad they didn’t use ratchet joints when they designed this toy.

Daimo Chop!

Battle Break!

Daimo Shaft!

The Shafts can be combined to form a single staff.

Daimos’ final attack the Double Blizzard!

Some parts swapping required for the Fire Blizzard. To get the default chest plate out, you’ll have to pick at the bottom notch of the yellow plate to get it out.

The set only comes with his “upgraded” Double Blizzard turbines, the Fire Blizzard.

Reppu Seikenzuki!

Tranzer mode
A transforming alternate backpack is included.

To return the backpack to its original state is a bit tricky thanks to all the hinges, this is how it’ supposed to look like.

Tranzer’s front wheels need to be attached manually.

The transformation is a very clever, a lot of improvements over how Bandai did theirs.

A big downside here is the need to unfold a lot of panels is required to get the covers out for Daimos in Tranzer mode. Be VERY careful, as the hinges are very thin plastic and tend to break. I had stressmarks already on my hinges just transforming the toy once. I’ll probably never transform it again just to be on the safe side.

Tranzer Go!

While the Tranzer does have a lot of wheels, none of them roll. So be mindful of that if you plan to play with the truck mode.

Mini Action Romantic Trilogy

Comparison with the Mini-Deformed Daimos

Daimos stands 5.75″ tall and weighs roughly 70 Grams.

Overall, it’s an amazing toy, well worth the money, comes with a lot of accessories. But do be careful when you transform him into Tranzer mode, as I stated, the hinges are wafer thin and prone to breakage even if you’re careful. I don’t I can transform the figure more than once or twice more before something gives. Still, it’s a great Daimos toy, lots of fun to pose and just looks really good!

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