Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group shots

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Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group shots

Finally I have all four of the Revoltech TMNT! I passed on them the first time around due to them being Revoltechs (I never really got into the line except for Robot figures). But after seeing the reviews for them and Kaiyodo announcing the reissues, well, I figured may as well jump in.

It’s a good thing Kaiyodo decided to reissue these guys, as prices on the secondary markets were crazy and then there were bootlegged versions running around too. Luckily the reissues sport all new box packaging so it’s easy to tell which are the reissues vs the originals.

Thank you very much Kaiyodo!

Links to each of the Revoltech TMNT

“Silly heads”

Thanks to some slick designs (and large feet), you can pose all four of them in running poses (the ab/mid-torso crunch joint helps here).

I’m a bit sad to hear that Nick Toons will be finishing the series with season 5 and then move onto a new reboot for the Turtles. Ah well.


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