Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Predacon Inferno

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Transformers Legacy Voyager Class Predacon Inferno

His logic circuits completely overwritten by his beast persona, Inferno whole-heartedly believes himself to be a fire ant, expendable to the cause of the “colony” in both robot and beast modes. Fiercely strong and heavily-armed, Inferno is fanatically loyal to Beast Megatron, viewing the latter as his “queen”, willing to obey Megatron’s every whim, with no regard to his own personal safety.

His jaw can open in robot mode.

Inferno comes with his iconic Four-barreled Missile Gun.

In robot mode, his ant abdomen becomes rotating propellers, just like in the old show. Unfortunately, there’s no spring gimmick this time around to keep them spinning though. The Missile Gun is plugged into the back of the figure to recreate his hyper-drive ion thrusters in flight mode.

“Yes, my Queen!!”

The Four-Barreled Missile Gun can be mounted on top of the ant mode’s back.

Overall, I like it a lot! It’s crazy accurate to the original and it’s been 29 years since we’ve first gotten a proper Beast Wars Inferno toy (the original vintage toy left much to be desired in terms of screen accuracy, like the rest of the Beast Wars toys at the time). This figure delivers on every level, even recreating all the gimmicks we saw in the show. This is really well done. Kudos to the Hasbro design team.

With this release, we can now close the book on collecting the pre-Transmetals Beast Wars Predacons. Finally!


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