Power Rangers Lightning Collection Group Shots

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Group Shots

Gotta hand it to Hasbro, they know to how to make visually appealing packaging.

ZyuRanger marks the first time ever for a Super Sentai team to have 6 members instead of the usual 5.

With the Legendary Weapons

Just like in the series, the main Rangers can combine their weapons to form a super weapon called the Power Blaster (“Howling Cannon” in the original Japanese ZyuRangers show) that they can fire on the monster of the week (before it’s immediately revived and grows giant sized, lol… formulaic).

I initially planned on going after the S.H. Figuarts Zyu Rangers (due to the SOC line including the Megazord) but decided to go for the Hasbro versions instead, mainly because of the budget friendly prices, but also because they came with the “unmasked” heads of the American cast.

Links to the individual Ranger galleries.

Big thanks again to my good buddy Nicholas Logarta for helping me track down the Red, Blue, Yellow and Black Rangers, from all the way over in New Zealand, as these were not released locally here in Manila (except for the Black Ranger). You helped made this happen Nick! 😉


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