Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Needlenose

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Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Needlenose

Be sure to check the back of the tray for the Targetmasters.

Targetmaster Sunbeam

A Nebulan beach bum, Sunbeam loves to surf. He joined the Decepticons in order to see new worlds and try their waves.

Solar-powered Light Burst Discharger mode, often used to blind enemies.

Targetmaster Zigzag

An elderly Nebulan hovercraft mechanic, his incompetence often resulted in causing more damage to machines he was supposed to repair.

Twin Electrostatic Overloader Rifle mode


Needlenose believes in being “cool” and “trendy” all the time. So much so, he rarely joins in battles against the Autobots because he’s usually busy doing something that makes him look good. Heavily influenced by Earth culture, Needlenose likes to think of himself as a real bada$$. In the IDW Comics universe, he’s the brother of the Autobot warrior, Tracks.

Needlenose comes with a removable “vertical stabilizer”.

The correct way to pose his wings is to fold them back.

I’m surprised his fists can rotate. We rarely see that feature in the newer Transformer Deluxe Classes.

Target On!

Combining both Targetmasters creates a new super-rifle.

Be mindful that Zigzag is painted down to his 5mm post, so best to avoid combining the super-rifle too often to prevent paint chips.

The Targetmasters can be plugged under the wings of the jet mode.

Alternately, they can also be posted into the exhausts to form bigger thrusters.

With the addition of Needlenose, we now have all three classic “small Targetmasters” in modern toy form. These include Spinster (Siege) and Quake (Titans Return).

Overall, a pretty decent release. Needlenose is pretty fun to handle and pose. I do wish the actual Targetmasters had some sort of articulation, but Hasbro cheaped out again and went backwards to the way the G1 figures were done. Sigh.. Oh well, I’m just glad that we finally completed the classic “small Targetmasters” roster with this guy.

I wonder if we’ll see the Autobot “small Targetmasters” get completed soon as well?


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