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Wolverine Origins 3.75″ figures

Wolverine Origins figures Astonishing X-men Cyclops Gambit Gold

Spider-man 3.75″ Figures

Spider-man 3.75″ Figures Gold

Marvel Universe Mail-away Nick Fury

Mail-away Nick Fury Gold

SDCC 2010 Hasbro Marvel Universe Galactus

SDCC 2010 Hasbro Marvel Universe Galactus Box is insanely huge!!! 28″ x19″ x5″ As previously announced, Galactus is 19″ tall. …

Marvel Universe Sentinel

Marvel Universe Sentinel Stands roughly 16 Inches tall. Comes with a Marvel Universe Wolverine figure. Sentinel has the following “mighty” …

Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles wave 2

Marvel Gigantic Battles wave 2 Black Goliath with Clone Thor (Clor) Based on the packaging, Clor here is supposed to …

Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles

Marvel Gigantic Battles Giant Skrull with Captain “Bucky” America. Supposedly, he’s a retool of Icons Magneto? Marvel Gigantic Battles Goliath …

Marvel Universe Multipacks

Marvel Universe Multipacks Classic Avengers (Hulk, Ironman Thor, Ant Man and Wasp) Fantastic Four Fantastic Four (Future Foundation) Guardians of …

Marvel Universe 2 Packs

Marvel Universe 2 Packs Klaw and Captain America Spiderman and Thunderball Wolverine and Human Torch Black Costumer Spiderman and Magneto …

Marvel Universe Single Carded Figures Waves 1-24

Marvel Universe -Waves 1-24 After massively backtracking this line, through friends, Ebay, collectors, and various mall sales, I think I’ve …

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