G.i. Joe Slaughter’s Marauders Final group shot

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G.i. Joe Slaughter’s Marauders Final group shot update

Since I finally got the full roster already in with the arrival of Low-Light and Barbecue, it’s time to do a proper “Final” group shot of the Slaughter’s Marauders group.

Big, big shout out to Timothy Pendergrass who helped me acquire the G.i. Joe Convention Exclusives at very, very decent prices as they came out, otherwise, I would’ve had to pay insane Ebay prices for them. So thank you, Tim!

Roll call:
Sgt. Slaughter (custom figure from Ebay)
Lt. Falcon (Slaughter’s Renegades 7-pack, BigBadToyStore Exclusive)
“Billy” (Slaughter’s Renegades 7-pack, BigBadToyStore Exclusive)

Sgt. Smasher (Joecon 2018 Marauders boxset)
Mutt & Junkyard (Joecon 2018 Marauders boxset)
Spirit & Freedom (Joecon 2018 Marauders boxset)
Footloose (Joecon 2018 Marauders boxset)
Hardball (Joecon 2018 Marauders boxset)
Mercer (Joecon 2018 Renegades 3-pack)
Red Dog (Joecon 2018 Renegades 3-pack)
Taurus (Joecon 2018 Renegades 3-pack)

Barbecue (G.i. Joe Club Final 12 FSS)
Low-Light (G.i. Joe Club Final 12 FSS)

“Billy” is supposed to be Spirit, but this design was based on the Native American team member character of the same name from the original Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I found the mold so cool and unique, I think putting him in as a different character for the team would work. He sure beats Sgt. Smasher in terms of looks and appeal.

The vehicles are all from the vintage line purchased from Ebay when the Convention set was first announced way back when, I just got them since they look good as “set dressing” for the figures and I think this may well be how I plan to display my Joe Collection down the road (one day, it’s gonna happen!).

Links to the individual galleries:


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