Transformers Masterpiece Group shots 2020

Transformers Masterpiece Group shots 2020

Well, since I already had a whole bunch of Masterpieces figures transformed and ready, I figured may as well take a few group shots to commemorate how far I’ve managed to backtrack these suckers down.

-Transformers Bad Cube OTS-01 Huff (Masterpiece Huffer)
-Transformers Bad Cube OTS-09 Grump (Masterpiece Gears)
-Transformers Bad Cube OTS-10 Slick (Masterpiece Swerve)
-Transformers Bad Cube OTS-13 Piper (Masterpiece Pipes)
-Transformers X-Transbots MX-VIII-T Aegis (Masterpiece Trailbreaker)
-Transformers X-Transbots MX-IX Paean (Masterpiece Hoist)
-Transformers X-Transbots MM-IX Klaatu (Masterpiece Cosmos)
-Transformers X-Transbots MM-VI Boost 2019 Reissue Toon version (Masterpiece Windcharger)
-Transformers X-Transbots MM-VII Hatch 2019 Reissue Toon version (Masterpiece Tailgate)
-Transformers X-Transbots MM-X Toro (Masterpiece Cliffjumper)
-Transformers DX9 D-11 Richthophen (Masterpiece Powerglide)

-MP-12+ Sideswipe (toon colors)
-MP-21 Bumblebee
-MP-35 Grapple
-MP-44 Optimus Prime

Ye ole “graduation photo” pose.

I think it’s safe to say that Takara won’t be making most of these guys, looking at the state of their lineups (nowadays mostly Beast Wars-centric). It’s a real shame. I wonder how they gauge the interests of their releases? It’s a simple matter of asking the consumers what they want.


“We need to hold this position until Prime arrives!!!”

“The back up’s here!”

”Take them down, Autobots!”

”Autobots, transform and roll out!”

Individual galleries:

I was very, very fortunate that most of the Badcube figures were reissued in 2019 and some local shops managed to get them in (warehouse finds from their suppliers?). I managed to grab most of these at SRP, with the exception of the XTB Klaatu (Cosmos). I’m going to wait for the Fans Toys versions of Brawn, Warpath, Seaspray (V.2) and Beachcomber to complete the minibot lineup, so I passed on existing versions of those characters for now.

I have to say, it feels immensely rewarding to see all of them together, after hunting them down one by one for the most part of 2019. My only real regret here is that I wasn’t able to pickup MP-45 Bumblebee 2.0 yet due to my hectic schedule. Likewise, I didn’t have time to break every MP Autobot out for a major group pic. I guess I’ll have to do an updated group shot later on when the minibots are fully complete.


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