Transformers Toy Story TS-01 Control Center Pop-Up Diorama (Autobot Headquarters Diorama)

Transformers Toy Story TS-01 Control Center Pop-Up Diorama (Autobot Headquarters Diorama)

Outer Box

Inner Box

This thing is big!! Box measures 22″ x 20″ x 3″

Panel layout sequence in the box

This set is actually a knock off of the Extreme Sets Control Center Pop Up Diorama, costing only half of the price (got this for roughly $35 USD). I’m not 100% sure but I think it has all the same parts and elements.

When assembled, the set spans roughly 57.5″ x 18″ and 18″ deep. The set can go longer (up to 76 inches), depending on how you plan to use spare window panel. I didn’t have the space, so in the end, I just opted to remove the door panel on the right and used the window panel instead as the right most wall.

One thing that I didn’t like about this set is that the floor panels tend to not land flush, due to the edges being a bit warped due to the packaging.

The set comes with optional boards that can folded and hung onto the walls to create a more three dimensional look for some of the monitors.

Teletran-1 is also a cardboard item that requires some folding.

Lastly, this wall pillar is also added for a better visual effect.

This is the side door. I tried using this at first, but then decided to remove the panel altogether since it was hard to keep the door open and I didn’t really have any background or anything to work with for a “next room” after the door. So I decided to swap out this door and use the window wall instead.

A part of me wishes that they included some sort of repair bay bed for this set. It would look great for Ratchet and Wheeljack.

“Alert! Decepticon activity detected!”

Autobots! Prepare for battle!

For the curious, the set can hold up to roughly 13 figures if you plan to pose them side by side. Otherwise, you can probably push the set up to 18 figures before it starts too look too cluttered in there.

Individual galleries:

I really liked this set a LOT! I only wish the company also copied the Decepticon lay out as well (Extreme Set’s “Headquarters”), as it seems they only copied this one project. For those who want the official set, it’s been restocked and available over at Bigbadtoystore for $70 USD as of this writing (Extreme Sets “Deluxe Control Center”). I can’t seem to find the Decepticon base diorama anywhere though, as it seems to be sold out everywhere I look. Drats.


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